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A One-Stop Shop for All Your IT Related Problems at Your Office or Home

IT Virtual Support is a one-stop solution for all IT-related problems, providing computer repair and maintenance support, advisory, consulting and guidance over the internet to individuals, businesses and organizations, using remote access software to connect to the computer and fix issues. We have a team of highly trained virtual IT professionals, dedicated to meeting all your IT-related needs.

Providing remote technical support for your computer IT needs

In today’s fast-moving world, computers and mobile phones have become integral to our lives. In every business, organization or industry, there is a need for computers and mobile phones to manage daily operations and business functions. However, just like any machine that we use, laptops, desktops and mobile phones are subject to malfunctions and hiccups, which can cause distraction and create friction in the workflow.

This is where IT Virtual Support comes in. Instead of waiting for a long period before you get the assistance you need to fix your IT issues, we provide you support 24/7 at the time you need it most. 

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Why IT Virtual Support?

Whether you have an office desktop or laptop and grappling with performance, hardware or software issues, you can trust our top-notch virtual IT technicians to alleviate any technological wors and restore the functionality of your laptop, desktop or office phone.

A delay in fixing any IT problems tends to affect the productivity and profitability of any business. This is the reason businesses and organizations need to have technicians for different computer problems to provide assistance where the need arises. 

Why IT Virtual Support

  • 24/7 Remote IT Support
  • IT Support When you Need it Most
  • IT technicians for Various IT Services

Meet Our Team

Remote IT Support Team

We have a team of qualified IT Professionals dedicated to helping you with all your IT related needs. 

IT procurement Officer

Looking for guidance or help in purchasing any IT gadgets for your home or office, contact our IT procurement officers to help you make the right choice.

IT HR Manager

Where needed, our IT HR Manager can recruit and send qualified IT professionals and officers to provide services or work for your organization. 


Legendary Support

All our staff have been trained and equipped to not only resolve big IT problems for you but to also make huge impacts in their interactions, including following-up calls to check if your issue has been resolved after the support, emailing to provide further information for prevention and taking care of other minor IT issues for you.

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